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February 28, 2023

While the calendar still says February, there are days when there’s a hint of spring in the air.  Days when the weather is a bit warmer, sprouts of daffodils coming up in your garden, and longer days that make you yearn for warm summer evenings with friends and family.  As our thoughts turn to golfing weather, spring festivities and summer fun, so should our plans for preparing our home and lawn for the upcoming summer months. With a little proactive maintenance now, your home and yard with be ready when the warm spring weather arrives in the next few months!

At Infinity Homes of Southern Indiana, we encourage our families to maintain their homes for years of lasting enjoyment and value.  A great source for home maintenance, as well as tips and ideas, is  Here’s their list for getting started on Spring Home Maintenance so you’ll have plenty of time for summer planting and playing.

  1.  Clean your gutters and downspouts of dead leaves and anything else that may have taken up shelter during cold months.
  2.  Reseal exterior woodwork included fences, decks, and other outdoor structures.
  3.  Check for termites and other pests that may be seeking shelter around your home.
  4.  When weather permits, inspect your roof for any damage that needs to be addressed before spring rains.
  5.   If you’re planning to repaint your home’s exterior, cooler spring weather is an excellent time set it up or get it started.
  6.  Check and repair your irrigation system. If you use a professional service, get this scheduled for April.
  7.  Check and repair window and door screens.
  8.  Schedule your annual air-conditioning service.  Again, we suggest scheduling this for April to avoid the May rush.
  9. Give your mailbox a fresh coat of paint.
  10. Clean the lawn furniture and purchase fresh cushions.
  11.  Have the lawn mower serviced and tuned up.
  12.  Once you’re certain plants aren’t growing, remove dead plants and trees.
  13.  Feed your lawn with spring fertilizer with weed control.
  14.  Patch winter kill spots in your grass.
  15.  Prune trees and bushes.
  16.  Plant something that’s spring hardy – tulips, pansies, fruits and veggies.
  17.  Apply a layer of fresh mulch.
  18.  Hang some great decorative solar lights to hang around your backyard.
  19.  Pick up a supply of fresh wood for cool spring and summer firepits with s’mores .
  20.  Clean or replace the canopy to your backyard awning.

With your home maintenance in order, you can now focus your efforts on how to have fun. For this, we suggest  checking out Infinity Homes on Pinterest where we’ve been busy building our spring and summer boards including Hop To It,  Red, White & Blue, Mother’s Day, Derby Days,  and Summer Fun !

About Infinity Homes: With over a century of combined home building experience and over a decade of crafting fine homes, Infinity Homes builds new homes in Southern Indiana and the greater Louisville area. Locally owned, Infinity Homes offers a wide variety of home styles with optional lofts, finished lower levels and 3-car garages with prices starting in the high $100s. The 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 home builder of the Louisville St. Jude Dream Home, all homes include a long list of included designer features and options and a comprehensive Home Buyers 2-10 new home warranty.

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