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We’re obsessed with beautiful design and it shows with the thousands of designer options available at the Infinity Homes Design Studio.  From gorgeous colors to features that will make our house your home, you’ll love your experience at The Design Studio. 

Kendrick PattonKendrick holds a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Interior Design. She is a creative who believes in the power of interior design to transform daily lives. Kendrick has worked on a wide variety of design projects ranging from restaurant design to home photography styling. Kendrick’s spectrum of design knowledge plays a vital role in her mission to merge people and space together to function well. She caters each design appointment to speak to our client’s interests and lifestyle. As a result of her well-rounded experience in both residential and commercial design, Kendrick prides herself on attention to detail and her love for working with people.

Infinity Homes - new homes in Southern IndianaExpect to have fun!  Expect to make a lot of decisions! Expect to feel inspired! Plan on spending a couple of hours with Kendrick as she guides you through all the design decisions for your new home in Southern Indiana.  Our stress-free environment is your one stop destination for selecting everything from interior and exterior colors to flooring and fireplaces. 

You are encouraged to bring pictures of rooms and styles you love, pillows, important accessories, and anything else that will help you and Kendrick through the design process. 

While we’ve worked hard to simplify this process, we do require Design Studio appointments to be scheduled in advance.  

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