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July 31, 2022
Infinity Homes - new homes in southern Indiana

As we all know, moving to a new neighborhood with kids is challenging and helping the littles adjust to a new school is a sure bet to making the move less overwhelming for the entire family. With summer winding down and a new school year just weeks away, we’ve compiled a quick list of ideas to help make for a smoother transition.

HAVE A GREAT ATTITUDE: Remember that our kids pick up on our feelings. The better our attitude towards change, the better theirs will be.

HAND OVER SOME CONTROL: We all know that change is hard, but when we have no control of change, it can make the situation even more stressful. Look for opportunities that you can allow your children to make decisions on. From back to schools supplies to what to wear on the first day of school to planning the weekly menu for school lunches or afternoon snacks, they’ll feel better if they have a little control.

SHOP EARLY FOR BACK TO SCHOOL SUPPLIES TO BUILD EXCITEMENT: There’s nothing like a little retail therapy to boost the spirits and build excitement. Take advantage of local back-to-school sales and any tax-free holidays that may be available in your local area.

HOST A MEET AND GREAT FOR NEIGHBORHOOD KIDS: Sure you’re still settling in, but look for an chance to host a neighborhood ice cream social with an easy to organize sundae bar in your garage or backyard. Nothing helps kids make new friends like bonding over a few gooey toppings and some fun take away ice cream favors!

PLAN A SNEAK PEEK: To help kids adapt to a new school, go for a visit before their first day. Walk around the building and the grounds, meet the principal and their new teacher, scope our their locker, and get a feel for where places like the cafeteria and gym are. The first few days will still be a bit overwhelming for them, but at least the basics won’t be so daunting.

CREATE A ROUTINE: From setting up a best practices schedule at home, to helping the kids know their way around school, to knowing where to catch the bus, practice makes perfect and creates better confidence as the first day approaches.

GET INVOLVED: Let the kids see you at school. From volunteering in the classroom to joining the PTA, there are plenty of opportunities for you to observe your little one in action and them to see your bright smiling face from across the room!

TALK TO SCHOOL STAFF: Make sure school staff (teachers, after school providers, etc.) understand your child’s unique circumstances so they can provide a supportive and encouraging hand in back-to-school success.

SIGN UP FOR EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Help your kids make new friends and get acquainted with the neighborhood by introducing them to extracurricular activities in your local area.

HAVE PLENTY OF QUALITY TIME IN YOUR NEW HOME: Looking for ideas on how to plan better quality time in your new home? Our staff’s favorite ideas include hosting afternoon homework sessions with award winning after school snacks and planning morning and afternoon dog walks to and from the school bus stop with your child’s furry best friend.

SET REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS: Be patient with your child’s transition. Even extroverted kids may not adjust to a new school right away, and setting expectations about when or how they should be adapting isn’t going to do them any favors. Instead, always be there to lend an ear when needed, and understand that getting settled takes time.

Are you still searching for your new home near Louisville? Locally owned Infinity Homes has a number of move-in ready homes in southern Indiana neighborhoods that offer easy access to Louisville and southern Indiana and offer a stellar education in some of southern Indiana’s finest schools.

About Infinity Homes: With over a decade of home building experience, Infinity Homes builds new homes in Southern Indiana and new homes in Louisville, Kentucky. Known throughout the area as “The Neighborhood Builder,” Infinity Homes builds award-winning homes for award-winning lifestyles. Offering a wide variety of home styles, price ranges (starting in the high $200s), and communities, Infinity Homes is pleased to have been selected as the 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 home builder for the Louisville St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway. For further information, contact Infinity Homes & Development, 812-590-1270.

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