Is your patience wearing thin?  Are you easily agitated? Are you frustrated by longer delays in products or services that you’ve ordered? Is going out to dinner no longer a joy due to higher prices and slower service? If you answered yes to several of these questions, you may be suffering from COVID related stress disorder!

It’s no secret that COVID has taken a toll on all aspects of our lives from changes to our social life to school schedules and routine. We’ve all experienced slight panic and irritation over shortages in normal household items from easily found grocery items to toilet paper. And it you have recently built a new home in Southern Indiana or tried to order furniture for your new home, well you’re aware of changing prices and the extended (and often missed) delivery dates.

During times of extreme stress, it’s normal to experience a wave of emotions but there are healthy ways to maintain your own mental health and the toll it’s possibly taking on your friends and family.

  • Take breaks from watching, reading, or listening to news.
  • Take deep breaths, stretch, and get more exercise.
  • Eat healthy well-balanced meals and avoid excessive use of sugar, alcohol, tobacco, and substance abuse.
  • Get a good night’s rest.
  • Continue with routine preventive measures (such as vaccinations, cancer screenings, etc.) as recommended by your healthcare provider
  • Make time to unwind — Try to do some activities you enjoy such as biking, swimming, sewing, dancing…
  • Connect with others to talk about your concerns and share your feelings.
  • Connect with your community- or faith-based organizations to look for ways to give back to your community.

As a Southern Indiana new home builder, Infinity Homes is occasionally experiencing delays in products and services that may impact our ability to complete or service our homes. To help you cope with the stress that these delays may be causing we suggest the following:

Set celebratory milestones throughout the process when you’ve obtained your financing, signed your contract to build, completed the design center selections, started construction…

Communicate…communicate…communicate! Communicate in writing to your community sales consultant with concerns you may be experiencing during the construction phase. Your Infinity Homes sales consultant will communicate your concerns to the appropriate individual at Infinity Homes. Be sure to review the customer care policy at Infinity Homes and follow the guidelines for submitting a warranty request or following suggested preventative home maintenance.

Please practice patience. Across the nation, home builders (like other industries) are still facing supply-chain disruptions, price increases for materials, and other pandemic fallout that are out of our control. We are all weary of COVID related issues, but the pandemic continues to disrupt the manufacturing and distribution of building materials. This supply chain disruption hikes prices and availability of materials causes specification substitutions and leads to construction or service delays. Building materials such as cabinets, plumbing fixtures, and appliances that arrive late can hold up final permits and closing dates so it’s critical that you follow your home builder’s guidelines on change orders. And COVID outbreaks continue to play havoc on the supply chain and the workforce.

Keep in mind that even though prices are slightly higher than they were a year ago, interest rates continue to remain low, the return on your investments is substantial, and the resale pricing of your existing home is at an all-time high. Ignore the negative press and remember these exceptional circumstances continue to make this an ideal time to purchase or build a brand-new home in Southern Indiana.

About Infinity Homes: With over a decade of home building experience, Infinity Homes builds new homes in Southern Indiana and new homes in Louisville, Kentucky. Known throughout the area as “The Neighborhood Builder,” Infinity Homes builds award-winning homes for award-winning lifestyles. Offering a wide variety of home styles, price ranges (starting in the low $200s), and communities, Infinity Homes is pleased to have been selected as the 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 home builder for the Louisville St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway. For further information, contact Infinity Homes & Development, 812-590-1270.

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