What’s most amazing about an Infinity Built Home is that all homes are constructed using completely customized engineered practices. Utilizing a consistent set of definitive procedures specific to Infinity’s quality ensures that ‘best amenities + best price = best value’.

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Download our helpful building and design flowchart to learn about the process!

Many of these steps are performed by independent crews known as subcontractors who specialize in the respected craft or field. All of the subcontractors are coordinated by a certified Infinity Homes Specialist who oversees the construction job and is responsible for completing the home on time and within budget.

Infinity Homes will walk you through these different stages so that you can see the craftsmanship involved, understand all the steps being taken, and learn about the different materials used in the construction process.

We invite you to walk with us through this
process as your vision becomes a reality.

The Homes

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The Design

Infinity has earned an array of Home Expo awards given by the Home Builders Association of Southern Indiana. Top honors were received for two of our outstanding floor plans, The Catalina and The Enchanted. In addition, Infinity earned awards for best interior trim, exterior walkway and driveway treatments, master suites, interior design and decor, and kitchen design and cabinetry. We look forward to putting the very best in your new home.

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Infinity wants to build you the home that fits your needs! Check out what the Carter Family had to say about the features Infinity was able to provide.

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